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Specification & Design Centre

We would like to share with you a recent milestone achieved by UBM. We have designed a modern facility for the benefit of architects, designers and contractors of the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. UBM's 'Specification & Design Centre' is located at Abu Noumay Complex, Building 'B', Office No: 12, Sulaimanya in Riyadh which is a specialty mall dedicated to all the major names in the building materials industry.

'Specification & Design Centre' is one of our key initiatives planned to benefit the construction industry comprising of Designers, Architects, Consultants, Clients, Contracting Engineers and all other aspiring professionals. Through this facility, apart from empowering our customers by providing design solutions, will be an ideal forum for the design and engineering fraternity to work on new concepts and introduce global best practice such as energy conservation, green space, environmental protection, water conservation, lead-free solutions and contribute to the enhancement of the construction industry in KSA.

Our new facility showcases the latest products that are contributing to lead-free water solutions for a modern world, water conservation products and solutions, master key solutions, a demonstration area for door security solutions and other products display. Through this new facility, we plan to empower the construction industry professionals with all their project related specification details. Our dedicated team of specialists in the new facility will engage these professionals and help out with their project related specifications and product solutions. A series of seminars, workshops and lecture sessions will be conducted to encourage industry professionals to excel in their businesses.

We strive to work with new concepts related to our product categories from all over the world and contribute to the enhancement of the construction industry in KSA. We hope that this facility will become a forum of interaction and a meeting point for construction industry professionals.
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Universal Building Materials Merchants Co Ltd P O Box 276097, Riyadh 11314,
Abu Noumay Complex
Building B, Office # 12, Mosaid, Al Angari St
Sulaimanya Area,
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.