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Background Image

Hunter Douglas Facade


Terracotta Facade

While technology has continuously progressed, the manufacture of clay-based construction materials still centre on the three elements of fire, water and clay as it has done for a millennia. Exploiting all the age old traditions, skills and workmanship involved in creating clay materials, HunterDouglas NBK Ceramic has developed the TERRART terracotta fa?ade system. TERRART has opened up a completely new dimension in fa?ade design.

TERRART Terracotta Fa?ade is a ventilated Rainscreen fa?ade system whose exposed components are made exclusively from natural clays.

The fa?ade system significantly improves the performance and comfort level for the building and its occupants. Produced from one of the most weather resistant construction materials available, this highly robust and made-to-measure fa?ade solution is able to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions like severe frost, high humidity levels and harmful, naturally occurring chemical. It protects buildings against heat, noise and shields from rain, wind and snow whilst providing consistent interior temperatures and humidity levels.


QuadroClad Facade Systems

HunterDouglas Fa?ade Systems are specifically engineered to enable you to create a unique design, whilst withstanding severe environmental conditions. Achieved by using technology originally developed for the aircraft industry, it provides the perfect combination of smooth, flat and stylish looks with superior performance.

All our Fa?ade Systems provide the flexibility of a limitless variety of design options and finishes that integrate with doors, windows and sun control systems.

QuadroClad Panels have a coil-coated aluminium skin that can be applied in straight, curved or cranked forms. Materials and finishes such as stainless steel, anodized aluminium and glass create endless design combinations bringing a whole new dimension to building fa?ades.

Our 'total' Fa?ade system includes an adjustable support system, integrated windows, doors and sun control, ensuring you achieve a unique aesthetic with optimal performance.

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